Achieving balanced freedom with a healthy relationship between work and life is only possible through opportunity. Identifying and capitalising on these opportunities as early as possible is the key towards fulfilment during the third age.

The third age of life is a life stage where fulfilment is the goal, a period where new opportunities are created and explored. It is that stage in a person’s life and career where traditional goals have been met, allowing them the freedom to investigate other possibilities.

Positioning you for your third age is the focus of the Third Age Group, an investment house with a thorough understanding of the complex set of systems that influences decisions through all life stages. The Third Age Group is a unique investment group with more than two decades’ worth of experience in various and often untraditional combinations of investment practices.

The Third Age Group believes in building caring and unconditional connections with clients, over time and through trust. The Third Age Group is not a conventional investment group. Each client’s journey presents different opportunities for unlocking achievable potential, and at the Third Age Group these opportunities are carefully analysed through a unique combination of strategies applied throughout the companies that form part of the group. The intensely personal nature of each individual’s journey towards fulfilment is reflected in every action and decision at the Third Age Group.

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Our solid roots has allowed us the growth that provides us with the ability to see the bigger picture. Along with keeping in mind the end-goal of each individual client, the Third Age Group scrutinises every detail that could impact on an individual client’s road towards and eventual fulfilment achieved in their third age. The Third Age Group’s ability to provide clients with the knowledge required to make trustworthy decisions is grounded in our experience. Not following the norm requires a fresh perspective towards enlightenment and peace of mind. The Third Age Group is not satisfied with the accepted wisdom, but rather stimulates and challenges existing knowledge in order to generate a different perspective. Embracing change enables the Third Age Group to be open to new ideas that in turn positions the group to be a catalyst for optimism.

In order for the Third Age Group to position you for when it matters most, we need to be in the position that matters most; in front. Leading and exploring; guiding and protecting. At the Third Age Group we are fulfilled when our clients are fulfilled. The end-result is growth, which can only be achieved by partnering time and patience for long-term thinking throughout life. The Third Age Group is also looking further than positioning clients for fulfilment during their third age, beyond the horizon towards leaving a legacy. This long-term, cyclical view is the single most important aspect of leaving an investment legacy as it enables the next generation to plan for their journey towards fulfilment.

This is the fulfilled culmination of balanced freedom.
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