At the Third Age Group, people matter more than anything else. Just as the Third Age Group understands all the forces that influence a single individual’s life, we also understand the interdependence of communities.

The Third Age Group’s community investment starts with its immediate community: the men and women that form the Third Age Group. Fulfilling the needs of employees, ensuring their financial and social well-being and providing a challenging, satisfying and yet unusual work environment are some of the group’s key internal goals. Meeting these goals sets up the Third Age Group for its own journey towards fulfilment.

Being part of building a strong and self-sustaining society is another key focus of the Third Age Group. In this regard the group, through its companies, is involved in numerous projects, sponsorships and other activities that focus on creating opportunities for achieving fulfilment in all communities.

2018 Year End Function at Tygerberg Service Centre

Sponsored by Stepp and various donors listed below
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Charity Challenge

As part of a teambuilding initiative, Third Age Group hosted a market day event to raise funds for charity on 7 September 2018.
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Tygerberg Meals on Wheels

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Client Testimonials

Ashton Primary School
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