25 Year Celebration

Charity Challenge
September 27, 2018

It is with a very grateful and humble heart that I look back on the past 25 years. On 1 July 1996 my trust journey began against the will and advice of many. I had a dream, a belief, lots of passion & drive as I set off on the journey. What an amazing journey this has been. We have been incredibly blessed by the grace of God, so grateful for His guidance, amazing clients, wonderful opportunities, a multitude of partners who have become friends with whom we have shared much success, business relationships which span many years with trusted suppliers who have carried us in very difficult times and have also become personal friends. Importantly I want to honor each staff member both past and present for the indelible mark that each of you have left and are leaving in our Group. Our success is the collective effort from each staff member past, present and future. This success is shared by all and no staff member is more important than the next. Our Legacy is your Legacy.

The success of the group hinges on the success of the individuals involved. For this I am abundantly grateful for every staff member and Partner in our group. It is my dream to honor each staff member and partner and to work tirelessly to make each individual successful in his or her own right. This I believe is the success of our group. If many are successful and continue to be successful, then the groups success is equal to the sum total of each individual and partner’s success.

I have enjoyed this journey and I am extremely blessed to look back on 25 very successful years. What excites me most is the “Dawn of the New Era” which we will now be embarking on from the 2nd of September 2021. Business is what you make of it, at Third Age Group we believe in opportunity and that it is everywhere. It is just a matter of conditioning yourself, applying your mind in a positive manner, searching for new opportunity which are abundant. It is often in the threats and weaknesses that the greatest opportunities lie. As a group we are committed to finding these in our various industries and capitalizing on them. The group has grown from one employee to currently 202 employees predominantly in the financial services industry.

Over 25 years there have been many highs and lows (I like to refer to them as challenges to prepare you for greater things). However, after 25 years we are proud and excited that the highs have far outweighed the challenges. Most of all at Third Age we believe that growing, financial success, personal success is of little value if you are not having allot of fun. You only live once and you spend most of your life working. Thus we believe it is imperative to indulge in fun. Not only do I have many fond memories of lots of fun but I also want to thank each family member of our staff. We value our families and always include them where possible. The right staff is your most valuable asset (As Richard Branson says, “look after your staff and they will take care of your clients”), As shareholders we value this and are dedicated to our staff, we are grateful to them. We salute each of you and are honored to serve each of you.

The group has grown into various disciplines, Insurance (Broker Support Group, Stepp Group ) Financial Management of Doctors (Rhythym Financial Mentors) Property Development & Maintenance ( Carat & Mr Carat) Electrical & Solar (Neutral Ground) Estate Agency (Kaizen).

Looking back, I am humbled and grateful to so many for what they have done for us a s a group. We have the most loyal and incredible clients. Our motto is RELATIONSHIP, we strive to live and build on our relationships with each and every client. Without you we do not have a business. We are very aware of this and strive to be the very best for each client, in fact we  honor each of you and acknowledge that you very much share in our success.

Our suppliers from bankers, Multitude of insurers, building suppliers, consultants, business suppliers, IT and software, this list is endless. Please accept our gratitude. We strive to build loyal and long term relationships and are committed to growing with you profitably. Without these business relationships we would simply not exist.

To our Business Partners and in Particular our Stepp & Overberg Wealth & Risk(JV) partners a big thank you. We have been extremely blessed to partner with each of you. We build together, we seek opportunities together and most of all we value and appreciate one another while having lots of fun together while building on our dreams and legacies together.

May I thank each and everyone in the Third Age Family for sharing our dreams, passion and legacy. We honor you, we acknowledge you, we are loyal to you. We look forward to our Trust Journey together towards our Age of Fulfillment (Third Age) where it is our dream and expectation that you will be fulfilled in your relationship with our group.

Please afford me the time to thank my family whom I love dearly. They have offered up much and still do as they share my dreams and afford me the opportunity to live my dream. Lucille, Samantha, Nadine, Nathan & Amy – Lee I love each one of you from the bottom of my heart, you are my inspiration, you give me purpose. Thank you for allowing me to live my dream, you are the world to me. Lastly I acknowledge my Savior. Through Him all things are possible, I hold onto His promise to me in Jeremiah 29 vs 11 and Isiah 54 vs 2. He has made all things possible, He has shown me a way where there appeared to be no way, He is my Rock and my strength. I deserved nothing yet You have mercy on me, I thank you Lord.

May I encourage all to look towards the future with a positive heart search opportunity, seek good in everyone, believe you can, work tirelessly with burning passion and unwavering determination and dedication to succeed while having lots of fun. As we approach the “The Dawn of the New Era” we at Third Age Group are humble but so excited to share our experience, growth and fun with each of you.




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